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Celtic Racing Club was formed in the summer 2016. It's aim is to offer all the benefits of racehorse ownership at a very low cost.

We will provide weekly updates through online video and emails showing the full process from start to finish of training racehorses to compete.

Members will see first-hand the joys and tribulations of this process.

Our Club is open to everyone, from those that thought racehorse ownership was a dream they could not afford to those that like the thrill of placing a bet on their own horses.

Also we want to welcome all ex patriots from our shores who would like to have an involvement here and maintain a direct link with their Irish heritage through the thoroughbred industry. Currently we have 5 horses to begin with and 2 broodmares.

As member numbers increase we want to have 20 in training and 5 mares for future stock.

We will attend the up coming sales, members can view the catalogue online, make suggestions, and then buy horses with current form to compete with. Our dream is one day with your help to be able to compete on the big stage and make our Club a success for all...

Celtic Racing Club

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To compete on the big stage and make our Club a success for all…!

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